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Woody is by far the most friendly and sympathetic toothbrush in the world and with a little will of yours carries out all oral plagues and pests. This magical wand is capable without toothpaste or any other artificial preparation for dental care to eliminate a much more of harmful bacteria in the mouth than a combination of an ordinary toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

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Woody is extremely effective against all diseases of the gums, bleeding and parodontosis. Of course, this is not all. Woody is also able to remove tartar and to restore natural whiteness of teeth, as with regular use removes plaque and traces that leave tea, red wine and cigarettes on the teeth, as well as traces banish age coloring of teeth. And even here doesn’t ends. Woody remineralizes enamel and this way making teeth to remain naturally strong even in old age. Due to these great advantages it is used by even those who use aggressive artificial preparations for teeth whitening as Woody prevents the loss of strength and feeling of tooth burning pain. 😉

Who preferes 5-pack?

5-pack opt those who love to distribute the good things among friends and family or going on a long trip with a backpack and do not want to risk, let say, water intoxication or pollute the environment. 😉


Before the first use Woody should be processed suitably as shown in the figure on the back side of the packaging. To do so, you should peel the crust along circumference about 1.5-2 cm from the edge, and then with the back teeth gently soften the core (about 1 minute) to such an extent to release the fibers and meet Woody’s flavor (do not chew too hard as you could damage the core and consequently will not be useful for brushing anymore). When the brush is softened you can start brushing teeth.


Always brush your teeth in the direction away of the gum, or, in the direction from the gum towards the crown of the tooth, so that the gum does not supplant.




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