Woody is 100% S. Persica, one of the most scientifically researched plants in the world. Numerous expert papers, scientific articles and published research reports confirm its positive health effects on the oral cavity, gums and teeth. The use of S. Persica is recommended by the World health organization (WHO).

Scientifically proven: Used regularly, Woody prevents the onset of tooth decay, prevents bloody, sore and diseased gums (including periodontal disease), re-mineralises and strengthens the enamel, and restores natural teeth whiteness in people of all ages.

Strong anti-bacterial action that prevents paradontosis and tooth decay

In 2008, Swedish researchers conclusively showed that S. persica destroys bacteria that cause paradontosis; they recommended using an extract from S. persica as an antibiotic for treating chronic gum inflammation.
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S. persica acts immediately on the bacteria which cause tooth decay

A clinical study carried out at the Paradontosis Department of the College of Dentistry in New York proved that S. persica destroys the Gram-negative bacteria responsible for gum inflammation:
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Timeless natural toothbrush for dental higiene

Woody the natural toothbrush brings dental higiene back to its roots. Literally. Its made from roots of S. Persica, which grows in the intact regions of Afrcia and Asia and contains more than 70 active ingredients that improve and maintain the health of gums and teeth.
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S. Persica is very effective against patogenic organisms in the mouth

An American study done in 2011 proved the results of previous researches, from which the positive effects of S. Persica against the caries bacteria are clearly visible.
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Clinical effects of a natural toothbrush as a means against gum inflamation

The study proved the advantage of a natural toothbrush over an ordinary plactic one, when it came to cleaning and removing dental plaque and preventing gum diseases.
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Centuries of use and recommendation of the World Health Organization

According to the authors of Pharmacognosy Review magazine and WHO, S. Persica is a promising plant for the production of anti – inflammatory, analgetic, antibacterial agents and other means for removing plaque.
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Greek and Arabic medicine with S. Persica from early beginnings

Centuries old practice of positive effects on dental health mainly due to accessibility and ease of use. S. persica is characterized by antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity with high medical value.
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Modern dental medicine has recognized the effects of the natural toothbrush

A comparative study of S. persica and other conventional plastic toothbrushes confirmed strong effects of natural components for the prevention of dental caries and other disorders of the oral cavity, gums and teeth.
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A comparative microbiological study of S. persica and synthetic toothpaste

Experts from the National Research Center in Egypt have, in an empirical study in 2015, proven that the use of S. persica is more effective in maintaining dental health than ordinary toothpaste.
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Plant products and preparations against dental diseases

A report that presents S. persica as a means of protecting the oral cavity, gums and teeth, which contains a vast number of medical agents, such as abrasives, antiseptics, detergents, enzyme inhibitors and natural fluorine.
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