Woody is something completely new … or, it is nothing new, because it is the earliest form of toothbrush or even first used by the human. This fact, of course, raises a lot of questions, because everyone is surprised at first because had not heard of Woody before. 🙂 Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions, but if you still have any more you can always send us an E-mail. 🙂

S. persica (Toothbrush tree)

Why using Woody without toothpaste?

Woody contains 100% of the natural active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, antioxidants, enzymes and other active compounds and therefore does not need any additive.

How is Woody made?

Woody’s not made, it’s grown in natural environment of Africa and Asia. 😉 Before shipping it’s manually processed and vacuum-packed with a lot of love – to natural smile. 🙂

Is Woody suitable for children?

Yes, it is. Woody can be used by children older than 3 years, but under the supervision of adults only. For children the brush should be prepared before the use (as indicated by the instructions printed on the original packaging) and you should show them accurately the correct way to use (brushing always in direction away from the gums).

Is Woody suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Yes. Woody is also suitable for pregnant and nursing women, since it does not contain any substances that could adversely affect the development of the child.

How long can I use Woody?

Woody should be used within one month of opening and up to the date printed on the declaration original packaging. For the best user experience, we recommend that you Woody cut in two days and repeat the procedure for the preparation of toothbrushes, as instructed for first time use.

Why do I need to cut Woody into 2 days?

Because you cut away all harmful bacteria that have settled down on Woody’s “haircut”. In regular toothbrush that is not possible, but by cutting Woody in addition to cleaning without bacteria you give your teeth and gums a substances that will keep your teeth white and gums healthy.

Can Woody break down?

Woody is a completely natural product that contains no artificial chemicals, preparations and preservatives, therefore it is more subject to the influence of natural products as processed by means of an extension of persistence. If at the opening you notice any unusual physiological changes, you can replace it submission free, otherwise you should use it within one month after opening.

Is Woody clinically tested?

S. persica is one of the most studied plants in the world, its effects are scientifically validated, so you can use it without any worries. Wood is good!

Who is Woody for?

Woody is intended for those who wish to maintain good oral health, gums and teeth without the use of chemical agents. It can replace ordinary toothbrushes use or use it specifically for:
– restoring and preserving the natural whiteness of teeth;
– tartar removal;
– eliminating problems caused by bleeding and inflamed gums;
– bad breath prevention;
– antibacterial activity after each meal.

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