The regular use of Woody scientifically proven refunds and maintains the natural whiteness of teeth. It removes stains and coloration from the enamel, mostly caused by food, red wine, tea, coffee and smoking. It removes traces of age yellowing as well. Oh, and Woody also eliminates those ugly yellow plaques from the tongue. Wood is good!



Inflamed gums, bleeding gums, parodontosis, toothache… All these terms can be deleted from your »Dictionary of care« with the regular use of Woody. But you can meet some new ones – trimethylamine, carvacrol and eucalyptol, for example. These, despite the terrible names, are completely natural substances that maintain your oral cavity healthy.



Plaque are dead bacteria, which are not removed by cleaning teeth. Over the time they convert into tartar, which provides shelter to more and more bacteria. Then, there comes Woody! – containing natural substances, which, combined with his power of mechanical cleaning, soften the bacterial layer and effectively remove plaque. If you are persistent enough, it will remove tartar as well. You probably already know how embarrassing ultrasonic removal of tartar is, don’t you?



The bacteria in your mouth are having a big party, they multiply and always make a big mess. One of Woody’s many “jobs” is making sure “the party doesn’t go to far”. Woody is much more effective against pathogenic bacteria if compared to ordinary toothbrush & toothpaste combination. Finding it hard to belive in the amazing power of woody? Check out the scientific articles at the Trust Science section.



Woody’s substances allow better absorption of minerals in the enamel, making it remineralizated and consolidated. Furthermore natural oils create a shiny coating that protects it against the loss of minerals.

P. S .: Woody also provides support for the whitening with chemical preparations, which are easy to get by the dentist or a chemist since remineralize an enamel and thereby prevent the loss of natural tooth minerals. Despite aggressive chemistry your teeth will remain natural sound!




Don’t you sometimes just miss the »repair« button on your teeth, when the dentist tells you about those little cavities on your teeth which indicate dental caries? Woody can help here as well! It contains oleic acid which, as a proven fact, prevents tooth decay. Your enamel could be protected against demineralisation and the formation of holes at all times if you trusted in nature’s strength provided with Woody – your best friend if you want to keep your teeth and oral cavity healthy.

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